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From it's beginning back in the Fifties, Par-Kut International has produced durable and good looking cashier booths, parking offices, valet stations, guardhouses and pay machine covers for parking facilities throughout North America. Standard or custom, PAR-KUT buildings are engineered to order and built to last!

Solid welded galvanized steel construction and corrosion resistant materials allow rugged PAR-KUT buildings to outlast other steel, wood, aluminum or plastic huts in any environment. Additionally, you can keep your operation and your attendants safe and secure. Par-Kut portable steel buildings have proven to be the best value for your dollar for decades. Give us a call.

Parking Booths

Parking Booth QS-006


  • The Original Portable Steel Building
  • Sizes 3' x 4' to 8' x 12' and beyond
  • Quick Ship, Standard, ADA & Custom Built
  • Factory Finished & Shipped Ready to Use

Parking Booth CUST-004

Valet Station

  • Professional Appearance of Office Enhances Image
  • Safe & Secure for Customer Keys and Attendants
  • Climate Controlled for Employee Comfort
  • Can Include Customer Waiting Area

Parking Booth CRV-001


  • Round Ended Design
  • Optional radius corner windows
  • Booth can be round at one or both ends
  • Air conditioning, restrooms & full range of other options available

Parking Booth PARK-001


  • Glass to Glass Corners set this Design apart
  • Excellent Visibility Inside and Out - No Corner Posts!
  • Contemporary look Blends well with Modern Urban Architecture
  • Premium Style & Features

Parking Shelter SHLT-014

PK-PMC (Pay Machine Cover)

  • 3 Sided Factory Built Enclosure, Non Insulated
  • Steel Roof with or without fascia. Skylight optional
  • Clear safety glass standard, steel panels optional
  • Choice of color & choice of roof overhang
  • 10" Gap below wall panels helps keep trash out

Parking Booth PREZ-003


  • High end Architectural Features
  • Full Range of Cashier options; Sliding Windows, Transaction Drawers and Safes
  • Standing seam metal (Hip) roof
  • Standing Seam Hip style roof, Raised Rib walls, Crown Moldings & Colonial style window mullions
  • Complete Factory Installed Wiring System

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