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Par-Kut History

For more than 50 years, Par-Kut International has been committed to providing the safest, most attractive and durable portable steel buildings to virtually every industry known. Par-Kut portable steel buildings such as parking booths can be found in commercial, industrial and governmental settings throughout the U.S. as well as in countries around the world. Par-Kut parking booths served the parking industry - both private and governmental.

Use of long lasting materials, skilled workmanship and functional design solutions have earned Par-Kut the reputations as "front runner" in the parking industry. Every standard PAR-KUT parking booth is built individually from all welded galvanized steel to produce a rugged one-piece unit with double walls, and steel tread plate floor. Standard features include tempered safety glass, heat and light provided by a factory installed, NEC compliant electrical system. Rooftop lift rings are also installed for ease in transport and placement.

Deterioration from element exposure is combated through use of anodized aluminum windows and galvanized steel doors as well as high end DuPont polyurethane finish paint. Comfort is guaranteed with insulated walls and ceilings and the application of weather stripping and glazing sealants. A Par-Kut parking booth requires minimal maintenance yet endures environmental and physical abuse for up to 20-25 years. Throughout the entire fabrication process, attention to detail is a Par-Kut trademark. During production and upon completion, every building is subjected to a 35 point quality control check ensuring the most attractive, safest and highest quality parking booths available.

Par-Kut • Mission

From its conception in 1954, innovative parking booth design, uncompromising workmanship and attention to customer service have been the reasons for Par-Kut's success. As stewards for a healthy environment, Par-Kut has continuously met or surpassed all EPA manufacturing requirements. To date we remain a major supplier in the efforts of Homeland Security and our corporate philosophy continues to support the free enterprise system in which we thrive. Our conscientious employees has always been provided an equitable workplace. It is the mission of Par-Kut International to continue to produce a superior product and remain the leader in today's parking industry.